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Why is a Personal Trainer Important?

Are you still thinking about calling a personal trainer to help you and guide you on your fitness journey? Well, I will try to give you a few advantages of having a personal trainer with you. Have you ever wondered why you give up on your workouts so quickly? You

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Weight Loss and Normal Sleep

Have you ever wondered how sleep affects your weight loss? I believe that you have and that you have noticed that if you don’t sleep properly, in that case, you eat more and therefore it is harder to lose weight. We will briefly refer to a few facts and research

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Why Stretching is Important?

Many people neglect to stretch at the end of a workout. Maybe the reason for that is that they don’t have more time, or they think that stretching has no importance, or even some think that their genetics or stretching in the early days of their life determines to what

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Why do We Measure Body Composition?

Measurement of body composition usually represents the need to describe the deficiency or excess of a body component known to be associated with health risks. In conditions such as obesity or overweight, body fat, and skeletal muscle levels, they allow certain diagnoses with implications for appropriate interventions. Dietary assessment based

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How Important is Consistency in Training?

We’ve all been in a situation many times where we start something and decide that we will do it in the long run, actually after a while we give up for some reason, which of course is usually not that important. Continuity is important in everyday life, whatever we do

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The Importance of Fitness on Child Development

Given the development of technology in the world today, more and more children are facing one of the biggest health problems and that is overweight or obesity. More and more children are spending their time and even their entire childhood playing games on the phone or watching Netflix indefinitely. Social

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Online Training – Advantages and Disadvantages

More and more often, we hear that someone is doing exercises with a trainer online. You’ve probably asked yourself if that makes any sense at all? Can you improve, physically and health-wise, if you exercise with someone online? No one can tell you yes or no, it simply depends on

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Why Normal Weight is Important?

A normal weight is important for health in general and for the prevention of certain diseases. In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, possible stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, it can also reduce the risk of many different cancers. In addition, it has been shown that hereditary

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